A born storyteller, I have always been fascinated by books and oral fiction, but film has always been a kind of magic to me. Picture a teeny tiny black girl with wide, glistening cartoon network eyes, drooling in front of a silver screen. That was me. That is still me.

Inspired and informed by Disney Princess movies, and gods know what else; I never stopped writing. Before I could write, I would tell the stories and after; I would jot them down on everything. 

What’s more; I would illustrate alongside it. Doodling on any free spaces on my exam questions sheets remained a ritual I continued from kindergarten to university, and I have the scans to prove it.

It wasn’t long before I realised cinema was what I was really training for, and I decided to focus on film and everything about it. 

My teen years: ‘Comic strips’ I would call them, but they were actually storyboards. I grew older, I got YouTube, I became obsessed with its history, theories, critiques, patterns, and pitfalls, the business side of things, everything!

Today, I revel in my “I have a niche” phase as I focus on writing animated shorts and researching Documentary Filmmaking