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Back to our spotlight on last year’s category winners with two very different films, to illustrate the wide array of genres and styles we are interested in:

A still from When Sex Games Go Wrong

Best Documentary: When Sex Games Go Wrong, directed by Caitlin Kelly and Katie Dennison of the United Kingdom. This documentary looks at a defence that has become increasingly common in cases involving the death of a woman. The defence is based off initial consent and is essentially means “she was asking for it.” When Sex Games Go Wrong looks at the dangers surrounding uninformed and amateur BDSM, without demonising the whole practice. The problem, we are told, is societal. One expert tells the host that “Changing the law seems much easier than changing the culture.”

Title screen of Roar

Best Animation: Rawr, directed by Sorcha McGlinchey of Ireland. Rawr tells the story of a little girl who is obsessed with dinosaurs, but it also tells the story of someone whose plans were interrupted by the onset of a global pandemic (all of us). The little girl in Sorcha McGlinchey’s film is looking forward to the release of a film about dinosaurs, but cinemas close before the release date. The girl’s mam has to get creative to come up with a way to make her happy, in what is a very wholesome and uplifting ending.