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This week we are looking at last year’s winners of Best Short Film, Rosie directed by Tessa Germaine of the USA, and Best Actress, Clara Cronin in Clara’s Room (directed by Pippa Molony of Ireland):

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Bethany Walls in Rosie

Best Student Film: Rosie is dedicated to “all the women who joined the fight during WWII”. In Rosie the title character works as part of a team of women in a factory building planes and trying to look after everyone without a supervisor or any regulations in place to protect them. The filmmakers use costume and narrative to illustrate a rich and empowering story in only seventeen short minutes.

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Clara Cronin and Aisling Cronin in Clara’s Room

Best Actress: Clara’s Room tells the story of young womanhood from the perspective of that young woman’s bedroom. There, the title character experiences love, friendship, heartbreak and, through the acting of Clara Cronin, the audience experiences it all alongside her. The film has little-to-no dialogue and no non-diegetic sound, which enhances the realism of it all alongside Clara’s incredible performance.