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This week on our Spotlight Series we are having a look at the winners of Best Screenplay and Best of Festival at the Her International Film Festival 2020. Those films are Tastes Like Fish, directed by Sophie Bonollo of Australia, and They faced at the bakery, directed by Darya Firsova, respectively.

Hannah Connor in Tastes Like FIsh

Tastes Like Fish is an earnest and delightful – a delightfully earnest – depiction of a young woman who is dying to lose her virginity, while also being wholly terrified of the idea. The juxtaposition of Logan talking animatedly with her friend about the experience she hopes to have and her alone in the kitchen cooking or baking and texting love interest Charlie illustrates her conflicting emotions very well. The tension builds as Logan tries to prepare calamari for dinner as Charlie sends her suggestive messages with fast cuts and music heightening the sense of nervousness.

The title shot of They faced at the bakery

They faced at the bakery is a brief but moving tale of lost love. We see our main character, only known as She, leave the bakery with a loaf of bread. She seems tense, reacting reflexively when a child jumps in front of her, which gives us a suggestion of something more to come. As She makes her way through the park, a man (He) appears and walks towards her. With little more than a longing look and one line of dialogue, an entire lost history is suggested.