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Belén Videla and Emmi Shockley in J-1

J-1 (dir. Emmi Shockley, USA) tells the love story of Olivia and Mac. Olivia (played by director Emmi Shockley) is an American server and Mac (Kevin Oliver Lynch) is an Irish porter. They meet in Ocean City while he is on a J-1 visa for the summer. It is the end of the summer: Mac is preparing to return home to Ireland and Olivia is planning on following him. She is conflicted though: she really loves Mac, but her friends think she is making a mistake. J-1 features beautifully shot scenes on and around the boardwalk in Ocean City that really elicit that bittersweet end-of-summer-love feeling.

The title screen of Feminism: The Fifth Wave

In Feminism: The Fifth Wave (dir. Molly Smith, USA) documentarian and director Molly Smith travels across the United States. Her goal is to interview several women from different backgrounds. Her goal? To define what “feminism” means in contemporary society. The interviews are framed by the idea that we are coming to the end of the fourth wave of feminism. The fifth wave, we are told, is already happening online. Each woman interviewed has her own perspective on what “feminism” means and entails. In the end, however, we learn that all participants defined the concept using the words “choice” or “equality”.