I’ve always had a profound admiration for film and television, so when I came across the volunteer opportunity for HERIFF, completely by chance, I couldn’t resist.

Growing up in India, films, TV shows and books were my way to escape the mundane, patriarchal world and a gateway to the cultures around the world. I learnt about the ongoing quest for equality and female empowerment through them. My idea of a strong independent woman has evolved through all the female characters I’ve seen, in TV, films and in real life. To know and believe that I could, too, be one of these is something I owe to these numerous stories I grew up listening, reading, and watching. 

When I came across HERIFF and their aim to celebrate, promote and encourage young women in the film industry; draw attention to the contribution of women in the filmmaking industry, I felt connected to the cause. I was thrilled to know people were taking an initiative to reduce the gender gap in the filmmaking industry. As well as providing an international platform to young women, as young as 10 year olds, from anywhere in the world, to participate and showcase their works. This is my chance to be a part of the change I’ve wanted to see, to contribute to something that’s bigger than me, and guess what? It’s films, and when is that not fun?