I always had a love for movies, watching  many films with my dad as I grew up. There are so many different styles of film, and I realise now that each film is like a voice. Every voice is unique and being exposed to many different voices is such an important thing. It widens our world view and deepens our empathy. I studied philosophy and history in university, continuing that same journey of listening to as many voices as I could, graduating two years ago.

Searching for direction post-graduating, I began writing short scripts and soon came into contact with the Young Irish Critics, where I started working on film criticism. This was around the same time that HERIFF was having its first year. After developing my knowledge of the cinematic world with others who shared my passion, HERIFF started to enter the conversation once more, as its second year was approaching. When Alannah Brent, took on the Head of Programming position, she reached out to other Young Critics members, and I joined the programming team.

It’s been such a fantastic opportunity to work with HERIFF and to have the chance to watch so many original and honest works, which show the immense dedication that these young female/female identifying filmmakers bring to their craft. There is a range of diverse and creative styles that shows the necessity to support these young artists and help each of them contribute their unique voice to the conversation. It is so important that people do not go unheard and unrecognized, and I’m glad to have found myself part of an organisation which seeks to create an equal platform so that diverse voices can come together in unity.

A quick reminder that we are accepting submissions for the Her blog. If there’s a film you can’t stop thinking about, or a scene or line you have a strong opinion on, we would love to hear from you! If this sounds like something that would interest you, you can find more information here.