My name is Alannah Brent, and I am Head of Programming at the Her International Film Festival.  I first got involved with the festival last year through the Young Irish Critics as an interviewer for the Women in Independent Film panel.

This year, when I was asked if I would take part as a programmer, I jumped at the chance.  Aside from being a Young Critic for DIFF, I had never worked on a festival before let alone in a Management Role, and it seemed like a great opportunity to explore different aspects of the film industry and gain some experience. 

My role in the festival is to oversee programme decisions, and to co-ordinate the schedule for the festival week.  It is my first time leading a team like this, and every day I hope I’m doing a good job and that the festival will live up to everyone’s expectations.

Outside of the festival, I am working on writing my own TV miniseries, which is an Irish queer coming-of-age story set on the backdrop of the 2015 Marriage Referendum.  I am also a member of the Young Irish Critics and take part in the monthly podcasts where we discuss and review different aspects and genres of film. 

I am so honoured to be working with HERIFF and to be a part of the message they are sending to young women and girls everywhere, encouraging them to make films that they want to make, and that their voice matters, no matter what anyone says to them.  I wish I could see all the excited faces when someone sees that their film has been selected to be screened at this year’s festival!