I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted their wonderful work to this year’s HERIFF, all the people who supported the festival, and the team who made HERIFF happen. It has been a wonderful pleasure working with everyone involved this year and I cannot express my gratitude enough. HERIFF is a collective effort of moving parts fuelled by passion, hard work and determination. Thank you for everything. 

I am astounded by what young people can do. With next to no budget, we worked to organise an online and in-person international film festival. With little to no experience we navigated budgets, event-planning and teamwork. The young people involved at HERIFF crushed it!

I have found HERIFF to be a great source of inspiration and creativity. Not only was I gifted the opportunity to see what young female filmmakers are creating all over the world, but I was able to meet and connect with hugely talented and delightful people along the way. I hope that I will continue to work with them as our careers progress.

What’s next for HERIFF? It is such a precious and important festival, and I think it will thrive in the future. Watch out for HERIFF – it will be the festival on everyone’s lips. 

What’s next for me? HERIFF has given me so many opportunities to meet people. Through the festival I’ve met so many creative, exciting, curious people whom I’ve grown to love. We will always be connected by this wonderful community, and already we have big plans – stay tuned…

Before I joined HERIFF, I was in college studying something completely unrelated to film. I was chomping at the bit trying to break my way into the film world, and my New Year’s Resolution was to be paid for film work just once. Fortunately I found HERIFF and they welcomed me with open arms. Through my experience with them I was able to meet enough people and gain enough experience to finally get my first paid job in film. Then my second. And suddenly I had landed my first job on a huge TV show. 

I am so grateful to HERIFF for giving me my start in the film industry. It has been such a positive experience and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves film and who wants to dip their toe in this world. It’s such an open, welcoming space without discrimination and there are so many positions to choose from. If you are aged 25 or under, this space is for you to explore film and gain real world experience, not to mention the life-changing people and art you’ll find along the way. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!