My name is Laoise, and I am the Blog Manager at Her International Film Festival. I studied English with Film at university and am interested in script-writing and film reviewing – literally any film-related writing at all, really. That’s where studying film theory gets ya.

My job at HERIFF is to write, gather and edit pieces to be posted on our blog every Wednesday and Friday. The goal of these pieces is to create a buzz around the festival (which will take place from the 25th to 31st of October 2021!! Are you buzzed yet?). They are also there to provide an insight into the inner workings of the festival (through the Road to HERIFF series) and share films written and/or directed by women that we have enjoyed recently (through the HERIFF Reviews series). 

New aspects are constantly being added. Next on the agenda is a HERIFF SubStack which I am working on with team-member Cáit Murphy. We are very excited to launch this fortnightly newsletter. Keep an eye out because you will have the option to subscribe soon!

Managing the blog for HERIFF is such a unique opportunity. There is space to interview, to review, to edit and to platform talented writers and filmmakers and everyone at HERIFF is enthusiastic about contributing. It would be impossible not to be proud to be a part of such a brilliant and hardworking team.