My name is Kieran Joyce and I am a festival programmer and workshop coordinator for HERIFF. I became involved with HERIFF last year when I was invited on by the festival founder, Ollie, to be a part of the programming team. I had initially responded to an open call for critics but when I was offered the role of a programmer I jumped at the chance.

I’ve always had a love for film and to be on the ground floor for an emerging and exciting film festival was an amazing opportunity. That year I saw some incredible films, original stories that I never would have found if I had not been a programmer.

This year I’ve been fortunate to work alongside a much larger team of passionate film fanatics who all share a common goal of helping to empower young women through film. The stories that have been submitted to us are incredible, so unique and unexpected and it keeps me passionate about films.

I also work alongside our workshop team, which is in the process of developing workshops to take place during the festival week. These will cover a range of film-making topics, so stay tuned for more information and I hope you enjoy this year’s festival.