Hello, hello, hello. Our film submissions are now closed. Fear not, though. This is not the end. On the contrary; we have a new opportunity for you. We are interested in what you would like to write about. What scene, line or moment from a film caught your attention? What director or writer’s style mystifies/bewilders/frustrates you? The more wildly specific the better.

In terms of style etc., we are looking for 200-400 words on films written and/or directed by women and women-aligned people. It can be a short or a feature film from this year or the very beginnings of cinema. 

We will also be providing weekly prompts to get those cogs whirring – they will be open to your interpretation and are merely suggestions. You can use a prompt or pitch us something totally different!

When you’re happy with your piece, you can send it to us at [email protected] under the subject line BLOG SUBMISSION. We aim to post every piece that we receive, with minimal editing.

To kicks things off, our first prompt is going to be firsts. So tell us about the first woman to win an Oscar for best original screenplay. Or, tell us about the first woman to be chosen for Cannes. Whatever big first you can think of! We look forward to hearing from you.